This poster is my entry into the Star Wars Rebels season 2 art contest.

Star Wars Rebels Entry - FINAL-small

I greatly enjoyed the first season of Rebels and am really looking forward to season two. When I heard that was putting on this contest I decided to try to make a poster that would pay tribute to the great Drew Struzan and the posters he painted for the Star Wars special editions.


After gathering some reference images and staring at Struzans work for a while, I started sketching out what I kind of wanted the layout to look like. I didn’t stray from this sketch too much with all the final elements ending up roughly in the same place.

I then searched for and gathered images of the characters in poses I thought would work well within the composition of the poster. Those images were then tweaked, painted, and combined with others to come up with their final poses.

Once everything was laid out, I painted over the whole thing – trying to come up with a blend of Struzans style and the shows designs.

In retrospect, I should have added Captain Rex and the two new inquisitors as it seems like those characters will also be important to this upcoming season. Even so, I’m pretty happy with this result.


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