ACES – Art Awakens Entry

This is my entry into the Art Awakens contest. If you dig it, please go here and give it a like!

EmmanuelRios - ArtAwakens - Pilots

Originally I had wanted to do another Struzan type poster for The Force Awakens, but I noticed that there were already several similar entries and I also wanted to try something a little different.

I did a few thumbnail sketches of several ideas I had and this one ended up being my favorite.


I did my best to illustrate what the new pilot helmets and their respective cockpits look like in profile based off of whatever reference images I could find on the internet. I also picked up the die-cast versions of the new ships at my local disney store. I took photos of them with my phone to use as reference for the background ships.

I kind of want to try and get these printed as a two screen-print set. I think they’d look good screen printed in metallic ink. I’ll do some research and see if that’s a possibility for me.

Anyway, thanks for reading and don’t forget to like my entry if you deem it worthy! I don’t know that it’ll help at all, but it couldn’t hurt!


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